WRITE NOW 1000: Grade Fives Race to 99 eBooks

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfA33JyA0UgGrade 5’s challenge

For each student to publish 3 e-books  before

June 12th, 2013!


What kind of eBooks?

1 non-fiction about the Exhibition Journey

1 fiction/non-fiction about ANY topic of our choice

1 non-fiction for our next UOI: Where we are in place and time

How do we create these eBooks?


Use iBooks Author (on Macbooks)

…or Book Creator (on iPads)

If you own an iPad please start bringing it to school starting in April.

What should each eBook have?

* a video (iMovie or photobooth or other)

* photos / images

* photo gallery

* edited writing (can be taken from blogs, pages/word doc, keynotes etc)

* keynote presentation

* quiz

* interactive image and/or 3D image

* bibliography of ALL ‘borrowed’ images, photos, text (this includes any in your keynote/iMovies)

What is the purpose?

  • To explore the eBook writing process
  • To document important learning and memories from your Grade 5 year 
  • To have fun and be creative!
  • To contribute to the whole school eBook project!


2 thoughts on “WRITE NOW 1000: Grade Fives Race to 99 eBooks

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