Last day before Exibition week begins!

With just one day left for kids to put up their boards and displays for this year’s PYP Exhibition, there is serious madness happening all around!

Here is a photo summary of the last 2 weeks (week 8 & 9)…


Instead of Exhibition T-Shirts, we had Science Lab Coats designed! Here is Tristan modeling the back…

Keisha and SeoWon (my intermediate EAL students) enjoying the product of hard work….their official Exhibition Brochures (on fancy paper!)

My EAL students created games for our visitors to play…Simple Machines match-up and labeling games that were based on ones we played in our ‘Finding Out’ phase of the Inquiry Cycle. They will be displayed in the main foyer of our building for all to explore….

EAL song: “Machines are fascinating things to see…and they make life so much easier for me….” Simple Machines song to the tune of ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ (found at this site:…/GeneralMusic/3rd-grade-SOL-songs.doc)

I taught the song first to my Foundation (beginner) EAL students who then taught it to my Standard (intermediate) level students and this photo shows a ‘sing off’ we held before teaching the song to the whole grade 5. It was an excellent opportunity for independence and for the EAL students to be the leaders and teach the rest of the grade level.

Rehearsals, REHEARSALS, RE-HEAR-SALS! Fantastic to see their energy still on level 10!

Organizing work for the display boards….

One of many lists of ‘to-do’s before D-Day (or should I say, E-Day?)

“Screws” group trialing their experiment & demonstration for the first time.
AIM: To find out which type of screw lid takes the least amount of effort to open.

Organizing data handling materials to display (and listening to ‘calming, de-stressor’ music!)

Hard at work…lucky to have 1:1 macbooks in Grade 5!

Our official banner/poster for Exhibition 2013…COUNT DOWN BEGINS! T-minus 5 days till opening night!

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