My Experience

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I am an enthusiastic, motivated, Apple Distinguished Educator and life-long learner. My philosophy hinges on collaboration, innovation and creativity. I thrive in a collaborative environment where teachers share ideas, construct concept-based units, and value a scaffolded approach to teaching and learning. As a tech advocate and advisor, I am comfortable with the unknown and use the ‘impossible’ as a spring-board to unearth knowledge. I am energised by my students’ investigations into our units and foster a safe learning environment where we can build our understanding together. I start with the ‘why’, and motivate students to construct their own understanding through the inquiry cycle. In my classroom my students are self-directed, passionate learners who put curiosity at the center of their learning. My experience has taught me the importance of teaching the whole child. I facilitate a classroom community that celebrates diversity, connects to everyday life and promotes skill acquisition for lifelong learning. I build bridges for my students so that they may connect with the global community via blogs and other digital platforms. The ‘Make each day count’ motto helps our classroom community focus on learning as a process, not a product, and I commit to this philosophy both personally and professionally.

Learning in my classroom looks like…

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