My Workshops

In my role as EdTech Coach, Literacy Coordinator and an ADE, I have had the opportunity to plan and deliver a variety of workshops with staff. Here are some examples of the workshops I’ve delivered in the past few years:

Parent Workshop: Student Responsibilities 

This is a parent workshop we ran this year. I developed the slides and we co-presented on different aspects as the EdTech team.

Blogging & ePortfolios

Our school hosted a in-school two-day conference with Jeff Utecht as Keynote Speaker. I presented two workshops to promote blogging as an alternative for ePortfolios and creating a space for students to share learning with the community. We’ve since had several EY2-G3 classes taking this on board using the Easy Blogger Jr App.

Enhancing Early Years ECIS 2015 Tech Conference

In March 2015 I attended the ECIS Tech Conference and presented on our school’s use of EdTech in Early Years.

Keys to Keynote

This presentation focused on the principles of Presentation Zen. We also looked at ways to introduce the CARP Design Secrets to students as well as different uses for Keynote in the classroom

iMovie & Green Screen

Many students love using iMovie in the classroom and to support this I’ve run workshops on using iMovie and Green Screen with students. Below is a brief introductory handout teachers were given to support what they learned in the workshop.

Blogging & Twitter: Teacher Workshop

Apple Distinguished Educator: ADE Bootcamp for Teachers

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