My Classroom

Grade 1 Reggio-Inspired Learning Space: 2018-2019

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Grade 5 Learning Space: 2016-2018

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EdTech Coach Learning Spaces 2014-2016

As Full-Time EdTech Coach for 50+ teachers and 400+ students, I divide my time between push-in support, team teaching, collaborative planning and EdTech workshops. We organised a whole-school tech conference in Feb 2015 featuring Jeff Utecht as keynote speaker. The conference title was Create, Innovate, Apply and during this conference I led a 2 workshops on Blogging in the Classroom.

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Professional Learning Spaces: I’ve set up 3 spaces in our staffroom to inspire and celebrate innovation in the classroom.

Once a week I host an after-school club to introduce coding to Grades 1-3. There are 19 students in the club and we explore basic coding using BlueBots, unplugged coding such as Pixel Coding, and different coding platforms like Tynker and Hopscotch.

Grade 4 Classroom: 2013-2014

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3 thoughts on “My Classroom

    • Thanks for your feedback Nat. I really enjoy creating a space that matches the personality of my students. We build this space together and are constantly modifying and changing it to suit our units and classroom needs. They’ve helped decorate the majority of the wall space, which also helps personlize the classroom. I just looked at your website and am keen to explore more of it.

  1. Kia Ora!

    We are a Year 7 & 8 Class in Hamilton, New Zealand. We are an IB World School and a part of the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Our Blog is a place where you can find the latest information about all the things that are happening in and around Room 27.

    We would love it if we could begin commenting / connecting with each other =)

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Mr C

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