COVID-19 Online Program

Empowering K-5 students to continue their learning journey in an online context requires creative thinking, careful planning, and collaboration with students and families. Read below to see some of the assessments, projects, and 1:1 learning sessions I hosted with Grade 4 students during the Covid-19 Campus Closures:

10 Week Online Program

Take a closer look at how I designed the Online Learning Menu. Our learning menu was responsive to student and family needs. Each program was individually tailored to suit each child’s learning and family needs. We started each day with a whole-class Meeting and then followed independent learning menus and time tables. I met with each child 1:1 at least 1-2 times each week to check in on learning and further personalise their journey.

“One Drawing A Day” Challenge w/ Ms. Sutherland

Video I created for Grade 4 Student “One Drawing a Day Challenge”

Grade 4 Adaptations Project

Approaches To Learning Assessment Tool