I conduct learning in a responsive and supportive environment, differentiating for student needs. In literacy, I focus on the 18 key reading strategies, and 8 writing purposes based on professional resources as First Steps Literacy  and the Four Blocks Model. I believe all students are readers and writers and scaffold learning using approaches such as the Lucy Calkins Workshop Model. When possible I integrate literacy outcomes with our Units of Inquiry (social studies and science). A transdisciplinary approach helps students make connections to overarching concepts and also facilitates project-based learning opportunities.

Story Elements

In my previous part-time role as Literacy Coordinator I led First Steps Literacy Training workshops (2011) and in 2012 created a Google Site that housed key resources for teachers to refer to:

Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 9.47.48 AM

Literature Circles

As much as possible, I try to integrate literacy with our Units of Inquiry (social studies/science units). Naturally, there are times where reading/writing need stand-alone attention. To provided a scaffolded approach to learning, I facilitate small group instruction through literature circles. Students are grouped according to DRA reading results. Depending on the focus, books are chosen for the group to read and students follow a guided structure where they either take on different roles in their group (word finder, summarizer, questionner etc) or rotate through activities that target strategies or reading procedures.

Collaboration with EAL teacher: Students work through their literature circle discussions with the help of the EAL support teacher. The EAL teacher also collaborates with our word studies (Words Their Way).

Extending the text

When students finish a book they have opportunities to share their understanding in different ways. Creating iMovies to promote the book to a target audience, redesigning the book cover, creating a quiz show etc.

Reading Strategies

During Literature Circles students learn about different reading strategies

Writing for a Purpose

Through inquiry-based and scaffolded mini-lessons, students learn the 8 text forms based on First Steps Writing:

Writing to Explain

Writing to Inquire

Writing to Persuade

Writing to Entertain

Writing to Describe

Writing to Recount

Writing to Instruct

Writing to Socialize

Students follow the writing process to generate published works.

Word Studies: Words Their Way

Students follow an assessment-based progressive word study program to improve their writing. Word Studies happens 3 times a week and is tailored to student performance on the diagnostic test.

Literacy Projects

We used the true story of the Panyee Football Club to understand plot diagram. Students were able to make connections to the heartwarming story of this Thai football team and then applied their understanding to their current text. Using  to brainstorm Unit of Inquiry words, concepts and images. Creating bilingual eBook Dictionaries with Grade 5 EAL (2012) in preparation for Exhibition

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