EAL homework: How do you blog?

Is your blog worth reading?


This term we will practice more editing skills in preparation for middle school. We will use blog posts as a way to share our learning with others and a way to improve our writing.

Here are some examples of the pictures you drew after the activity. What do you notice?

What was challenging about this activity? How could the game be improved for next time?

TASK #1: Tonight your task is to share our game from yesterday. As you blog, think about:


*What new words have I learned?

* How do the images and words connect?

* What was the game and how did you play it?

* How did the game help us think?

* How could the game be improved?

* Why are we learning about this? What is the big idea?

* What questions do I still have?


We will share our blogposts next class and take time to give feedback…targets and stars.

3 thoughts on “EAL homework: How do you blog?

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