Part 2: RSA-style animation with ELL…planning the animation

Part 2: From Text to Illustrations….in 30 mins.

Yesterday we started a mini-project in EAL class based around their Migration Unit of Inquiry. Click here to read the last post on how the project was introduced step by step.

For homework, students had to create a first draft of their illustration which they will modify and improve before ‘iPad time’. Using the iPads for stop-motion animation will be the last step.

I gave brief feedback to them with suggestions that could improve the visual explanation…such as using arrows to show sequence and simplifying sentences into KEY words only.

Once students had modified their illustrations they used Photobooth to video themselves retelling the journey story. The goal was to see if any parts of the story were missing from their illustration. Students modified accordingly.

Seowon practices retelling her story orally showing her illustration. Tomorrow, she will write what she said in Photobooth.

 Here, Bo Suk explains his illustration to Photobooth. Since composing sentences in writing is often difficult for EAL students, I decided to have them orally explain and tomorrow they will transpose what they said into writing.

 Bo Suk & Seo Won paired up to share their illustrations and give suggestions on how to make it more clear. This was also another way for them to practice their explanation so they are confident and thorough with it.

Hyun Seo adjusts his illustration of the Vietnamese non-fiction story so there are more connections to his own migration story. He has been interested in discussing the Korean war his grandmother was involved in. The beginning of the non-fiction text touches on the Vietnamese war so this was an excellent connection for him to make.

Two examples of draft illustrations (in prep for RSA-style video):

Here is an example of a student who used sentences to help explain his illustration. We discussed focusing more on Key Words from the text so most of the RSA-style animation will be illustrations, not text.

Another student example that was incomplete but demonstrated a visual representation of the non-fiction text.


Next Steps…

Tomorrow students will write their explanation (based on their oral Photobooth explanations) and will start their first RSA-style animation (‘take 1’). Once they have mastered the timing of the audio with the video, we will publish to youtube and share them on their blogs!


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