Part 3: RSA-style animation: FILMING

Today we started the filming process with some of the students. They were very excited! After drafting their drawings, recording their explanation on Photobooth and practicing on a whiteboard, they were more than ready to get started.

Practice makes perfect

Seowon practices her drawing on a smaller whiteboard. She also thought about what title she might use for her RSA-style animation.


Draft your explanation:
After drafting their illustration on A3 paper, students recorded their explanation orally on Photobooth. They then listened to their re-tell, made adjustments to their drawing, and typed it up. See last week’s blogs for more details on how we initiated this project: Part 1  & Part 2


Choose a partner, Take Turns:

Bo Suk and Seowon were the first students to finish their typed explanation. So they paired up to film each other using iMotion HD on the iPad. Filming the process

Snapshots of the process








































Next Steps…

Students will upload their iMotion HD videos to their macbooks, import to iMovie and record their explanation over top. Their final videos will be shared on their own blogs and this one! Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Part 3: RSA-style animation: FILMING

  1. This is an amazing project and an outstanding use of technology in a meaningful and authentic way. Congratulations!

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