Part 4: Sharing Grade 5 RSA-style Videos


Week 4: PUBLISHING on iMovie

Since we are not yet 1:1 with iPads, students needed to upload their iMotion HD videos from the iPad to their macbooks. Students used the microphone feature to record their written explanation. There were many challenges in recording the timing of their voice with the video…especially since 90% of them were new to our school and new to iMovie! Many needed assistance simply importing their video and learning how to split frames. As such the videos are somewhat basic, but were very rewarding for students.

  Hyung Joon learns how to import movies from iPad to macbook. This was the first of many challenges in creating the RSA-style videos!

Jack and Seo Won use the microphone feature on iMovie to record their Migration stories. This took several classes and they needed guidance on how to time their voice, and where to split clips so everything lined up.

  Most students were new to iMovie and were just learning how to import videos from their files. With some guidance from me, students were able to add text, music and transitions between clips.

SHARING their RSA-style videos

Students will be sharing their video in at least two places:

1) On their Student Blogs – the follow-up task is to start blogging/documenting the journey they took in creating these RSA style videos…which took about 4 weeks!

2) In their Migration Unit eBooks – which students are creating on iBooks Author.

 Bernice updates her blog on wordpress to showcase the learning journey of these RSA-style videos.




























Here we are looking at SeoWon’s finished video. However, after viewing the video she realized she still wants to update it and improve it!

Check out Seo Won’s video on youtube:















See the documented journey here:

PART 1  RSA-Style Animation with English Language Learners
PART 2 Planning the animation

PART 3 RSA-style animation: FILMING


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