1000s Project Final Reflections

Student Reflections & Sharing


This week students finished their 1000s project and presented their findings with the class.Everyone completed a rubric & a group reflection(see below) on their project that explained the thinking behind their maths and also the challenges they faced throughout.IMG_6093IMG_6109 IMG_6095

Students then gave their first presentation to the class, and had classes try to guess how they organized their 1000 objects. Each group started the presentation with “Can You Guess My Math?” It was a very effective way to engage the audience! And lots of group thinking and discussion was generated from each presentation.

Students gave feedback (positives & areas for improvement) after each group had a chance to explain

* What they enjoyed about the project

* What they would change for next time

* How it has helped them in math

IMG_6142 IMG_6138 IMG_6153

Each group built a portfolio of their work as they worked through the project (which took about 4 days total). The rubrics were a guide for their project and also an opportunity for self-reflection.

IMG_6107 IMG_6155 IMG_6154

Some teacher reflections & changes for next time:

1) I would definitely encourage students to bring non-perishable items (the leaves & flowers, although beautiful, are getting somewhat smelly!)

2) Give more time for brainstorming materials& encourage students to look at home for possible items they could bring in (as one group purchased 1000 straws —- they will not go to waste though, I will reuse them in maths!)

3) Do some review of number bonds to 10 & 100 to allow more independence when they come up with their grouping strategy for 1000. (They required a lot of support as it was just the 2nd day of school after a 9 week holiday!)

Overall this project was a great way to observe student dynamics in the first 2 weeks of school, and an even better reflection of how they understand base 10 numbers. We’ve been having recurring discussions about these projects and it some students have expressed an interest in completing their own 1000s project with a preferred material of their choice (majority voted for LEGO!)

Collaboration with our Northern Neighbour…China!

I was so excited to read a special comment from a teacher at the International School BISS in Beijing who was inspired by our students and took this project to her Grade 3 class! Ms. Shannon shared a few photos of her students in Beijing who published their 1000s project:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 3.25.02 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 4.33.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 4.33.39 PM

5 thoughts on “1000s Project Final Reflections

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  2. A great way to learn math! If I was taught like this back in my younger days, I will definitely love math more than I do now!
    This teaching method definitely requires more time, energy, and brain power from both teacher and students. But at the end, I am pretty sure the students really grasp the concept and can use this new knowledge in their everday life.
    A great learning moment for both you and the students!

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