4J Practice Blog Post ~ What, Who & Why the Message?

This Coca-cola ad was very popular during the 1990s (when I was around 9-10 years old). I remember thinking the bears were really cute and always liking the ‘Kchshhhh’ sound of the bottle opening. At the time, I never really thought about what the company Coca-cola was intending but now I understand that they were clearly manipulating that ad to appeal to a specific target audience.

What is the message?

I think the main message they are trying to tell us is “Drink Coca-Cola”. You can tell because they have the song at the end, the bears are drinking and there is a message ‘Always Coca-Cola’.

Who is the target audience?

Looking at the ad now, I think it appeals to families. Especially because there is a mom and two kids. Some other clues are that it is in a 3D cartoon…which was very new back in the 1990s. Also many children like to see animals, especially when they act like humans! All children can identify with learning how to swim…and maybe they will ask their mom or dad to reward them with a Coca-Cola too. I think parents can identify with the polar bear mother who gives her child a treat for doing a good job.

Why this message?

I think Coca-cola is also trying to show children that it is a reward for hard work. It is a nice message too for PYP students because it shows the baby polar bear being a risk-taker! I think it is a very smart advertisement because it is entertaining, creative and appeals to more than just 1 audience.



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