Welcome to 4J with Ms. Jocelyn

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Welcome to a new school year! I am so excited to meet all of you and get to know you as learners and as individuals. I am originally from Canada and this is my 7th year teaching overseas. Previously, I have taught in Kiev, Ukraine and Beijing, China and I speak 2 other languages: French and Russian. This summer I had a whirlwind visit to Canada, the United States and Thailand where my friend Ms. Tricia and I kayaked the Klong Prao river, ate coconut shrimp soup, and rode elephants! There are so many questions I have for my new class… and I hope you are already thinking about what you’d like me to know about you. In our first week we will be constructing a class puzzle, to show how:

“We all fit in, but stand out.”

I want each of you to focus on your individual talents that set you apart from the rest. We will use an acronym for ‘PUZZLE’ to help us do this:

P = Personal learning goal

U = Unforgettable memory (funny, scary, embarrassing…)

Z = Zany, unique talent or fact about you

Z = Zealousness : what are you zealous (passionate/enthusiastic) about?

L = Learning Style : how do you best learn?

E = Excited about grade 4


image credit: rebeccaberto.com

This year we will work closely with Ms. Ade (Indoensian partner teacher) and Ms. Julie (EAL partner teacher). They will engage in our lessons and get to know each of you throughout the year. We will use this blog as our main source of communication. All homework and information about upcoming events will be posted here so be sure to check it every day. This year you will have laptops and we’ll talk more in our first Unit of Inquiry about Digital Citizenship. Looking forward to a sensational year together!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to 4J with Ms. Jocelyn

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  2. Bravoo Ms. Jocelyn..

    We are really like this kind of communication, using the technology to move forward. We do believe it will be a great year in 4 J with fabulous friends of Aldo, lovely and smart teacher like you Ms. Jocelyn. Let’s do this journey of learning together..

    Kind Regards
    Dian – Aldo’s mom

  3. Thank you very much Dian! I’m looking forward to working collaboratively with all parents this year! Keep watching for more posts and pictures:-)

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