Part 5: Sharing RSAstyle on Youtube & Student Blogs

Here are the final RSAstyle videos published by my grade 5 EAL class. The project took place over 5 weeks and the main emphasis was on the process. To see the previous 4 phases of the process click here:

Students went through the drafting, editing, conferencing, revision phases of the writing process. The iMovie application was a tool for publishing their spoken text and their iMotion HD video. Students used their own editing skills for the video, thus resulting in a few minor errors. The majority were new to iMovie just this year, so adding features like music, voice and text complicated their publication somewhat. Overall, students reflected positively about this task via their personal student blogs.

Grace: Migration from Taiwan

Hyung Joon: Migration from Korea

Jack: Migration from Korea

Brian: Migration from Korea

Seowon: Migration from Korea

Bernice: Migration from Korea

BoSuk: Migration from Korea 


Successful Outcomes of this project

Students had the opportunity to apply their IT skills they’d learnt throughout the year. Many had only just started using macbooks so this was a chance for them to integrate with their current Unit of Inquiry. Going through the publishing process was also extremely beneficial for students as they found it both challenging and rewarding to spend so many steps to get to a short 2 minute video. They really understood the importance of editing and revising and applied themselves at each step of the way.

Challenges & Modifications for this project

The greatest challenge was finding time to keep this project going. The pull out sessions were only 35 minutes and when students were returning from other specialist activities it impacted our time together. Also, many students were finishing at different points. Trying to balance my time with each (13 students) was a challenge.  Clearly outlining the steps (checklist format) on the board helped them keep on task and know when to move forwarded. Technical difficulties (issues with the microphone on old computers) also prevented all students from completing on time. The project was extended longer than I had anticipated but the journey was worthwhile experience both for the students and teacher!


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