Simple Storytelling: EAL students create their own ‘5 Frame Flickr’ game

To practice oral presentation skills, I introduced my grade fives to ‘5 frame flickr storytelling’:

See FLICKR website:


We played the game a few times, using different prompts and different storytelling arrangements. Some students told the whole story themselves, while others told the story in 5 parts, each person narrating one picture.

For homework, I asked the students to create their own 5 card flickr story to share with the class the following day. (See previous blogpost)


Students were asked to link their 5 frames to a Simple Machine of their choice. One example was Hyun Seo’s story of a pair of scissors who embarked on a journey to cut something meaningful…the last frame shows the shape of a heart.

This was a quick, creative way to work in oral speaking skills, while still linking with their Exhibition topic.

For more ways to collaboratively create stories, see our Literacy website:

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