Bridging IB Schools: Grade 5s learn from local Indonesian Students


Today Grade 5 had the privilege of visiting a local Indonesian school’s PYP Exhibition. Their theme was Sharing the Planet with a focus on how marine life is affected by water pollution.











Our students came prepared with questions to ask that would help them on their Exhibition Journey. There was a wide variety of action modeled by the students: anything from publications in National Geographic, School Seminars, Radio Talk Shows and CD production. These local Indonesian students definitely set the bar high for our International group!




We were all very impressed with how well-spoken the students were, especially since English is a second language for all of them. It was an excellent opportunity for EAL students to see first-hand what ‘confident, knowledgeable’ Exhibition students look like.





























When we returned, students completed a reflection to help them organize their thinking about this Exhibition and what ideas they could borrow or improve upon for their own presentation.


We are finishing up week 4, and students have begun thinking about the Simple Machine they would like to focus on. After sharing some of the feedback from today’s visit, we identified some key areas where our G5 Exhibition will differ from this local Indonesian school:

  • Our theme is How the World Works
  • ‘Action’ is on-going throughout the inquiry cycle and is based on investigations into the scientific principles
  • Our displays will have more hands-on activities that demonstrate our understanding of the scientific principles

Overall, this field trip was incredibly helpful for students to gain a better understanding of the scope of the Exhibition and how they can prepare to be confident and knowledgeable in their topic.

Click VIDEO below to see a sample of the Exhibition Field Trip:




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