Grade 5 e-Dictionaries…almost there!

Grade 5 students are wrapping up their e-dictionaries this week!

In preparation for Exhibition, students reviewed the project requirements on the blog and chose from over 15 new words to learn. They prepared posters on Comic life or Keynote that defined the new terminology on Simple Machines. Students chose their top 5 and are in the process of publishing them as e-Books (or e-Dictionaries). The eBooks are dual language and many have translated the terms or explanations into their mother tongue.


Myeong Jin and Kwon Hyuk peer editing their drafts

Kelly (SEN) assisting a student in his drafting process

Kenzie and Tae Hyun publishing their work on the iPads

Sample page from Darren’s e-Dictionary

Publishing Check list for e-Dictionaries


This project has been especially useful for EAL students as the vocabulary in this science unit will be particularly challenging. The PYP Exhibition (which commences January 14th) empowers students to be independent inquirers and this project allowed students to start their inquiry on a leveled ground. Students enjoyed sharing their prior knowledge and investigating new knowledge together. Peer editing allowed students to learn more from each other and many students who shared a common mother tongue assisted one another in the translation process.

We look forward to adding these e-Dictionaries to the Write Now 1000 Bookstore!

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