Write Now 1000: E-Book Project G5 EAL

OK Grade 5 EAL…by now you have all entered the FIRST phase of writing: the Planning phase.

By NEXT Friday November 30th all plans and first drafts should be completed for sharing and group editing.

We will share our Draft stories to the class and ask for STARS (positives) and TARGETS (things to work on) to make our story more interesting for the audience.

Some things to think about:

  • How much effort have I put into my story (10/10)?
  • Do I clearly mention the Learner Profile?
  • Does my main character change in the story?
  • Is there an exciting climax/problem in the middle?
  • Do I describe my setting? My character?
  • Does my story make sense and is it interesting?
  • Will my K1/K2 audience like it?

So far so good everyone…keep up the creativity and energy!



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